Kurt's Greenspeed GTO Page

Be sure to check out the manufacturer's page here.

I recently received one of these beauties after placing an order from Zach Kaplan Cycles.  What follows are some pictures of its assembly from the box...


IMG_0062.JPG (609677 bytes)

The contents unpacked.

IMG_0064.JPG (483450 bytes)

My serial number is GTO20200632.

IMG_0065.JPG (759190 bytes)

The two main frame members are joined together at the S&S coupler.

IMG_0066.JPG (725830 bytes)

The front wheels are attached...

IMG_0067.JPG (659044 bytes)

... followed by the rear wheel and the front boom.

IMG_0068.JPG (623515 bytes)

I then straightened out the handle bars.  Then I put on the chain, seat, rear fender and rack.  I also attached the derailleur cables to the front and rear derailleurs.

IMG_0069.JPG (636846 bytes)

Note the new Greenspeed graphics and sticker.  And the rear light, a Busch & Mueller DToplight plus powered by a Dymotec S6 generator which is just visible on the right far side of the rear wheel.  Also note that there is no internal gear rear hub...

IMG_0072.JPG (546563 bytes)

... but there is an internal gear bottom bracket, the Schlumpf Mountain Drive.  And a B&M Lumotec front light.  And Bebop pedals.

IMG_0074.JPG (802884 bytes)

The final product speaks for itself.

More to come at time permits.  Please feel free to send any comments or questions to olias@pocketmail.com.